Frequently Ask Qustion

1) 24 mudra is an affiliate site for providing the public a faster income generating source through the various programs and promotions plans such as Refer and Earn , By providing Cash back and vouchers with Every transaction , Premium Account Membership program.

2) It has helped to shape the way people shop online, offering Cash Back, deals and shopping rewards on the world’s largest selection of products and services from Devdut.

1) Open the Application and sign up for registration or login if you are a registered user..

2) Enter the details for sign up with or without referral ID and submit.

3) You will get OTP on your mobile number and Email ID for the verification.

4) After OTP verification user will redirect to Payment Gateway to pay Rs.501 after tjat user will receive customer ID and password on the application screen and an SMS on registered mobile number and on your provided email ID.

1) Click on “Login” option after open application.

2) Enter Customer ID/Mobile Number.

3) Enter Password.

4) Click on login button.

1) When you are login on first time, at that time we ask you to set a Security PIN.

2) For this, you have to Enter password and need to set 4 digit pin.

3) Security PIN must be in 4 digits.

1) After login, there is an option for “Forgot PIN”.

2) Enter your password and set new PIN.

1) Enter Customer ID, you will get OTP on your registered mobile number.

2) Submit OTP for security verification

3) After that set your New Password.

1) Auto SMS campaign is a text message sent to a large group of recipients automatically.

2) Using SMS campaign option users can send their referral link to their contacts.

1) After activation of your account, you can select “SMS Campaigning” for Auto SMS Campaigning section.

2) Simply select the contacts from your phonebook which you want to invite or else you can select all the contacts, from your phonebook.

3) And then you can active or block the number which you don’t want to include in the campaign.

4) The daily SMS campaign limit is set by default up to 80 SMS in the application (The messages will be send in SMS Form from the user registered SIM number).

5) SMS Campaign will continue to daily shot messages to the upload list, till the user doesn’t enable the stop SMS campaign button provided in the application.

1) Daily limit to send the text message using SMS campaign is 80.

1) Reference ID is optional at the time of registration.

2) If user not enters the Reference ID then registered user will place below Root ID.

3) At the time of registration if user enters Reference Id then Reference ID should be active.

1) After successful registration of 24 Mudra account user will receive the Customer ID and Password on his/her registered Mobile No. and Email ID.

1) One user can add multiple directs in each step.

2) And it is compulsory to add two directs in each step.

1) Premium Account activation charges are Rs. 501 and are divided into:

2) Premium Application: Rs. 501(GST Included)

1) After account activation user will get Discount coupon of RS. 1000 in just Rs. 501.

2) User can redeem this coupon for any services on Devdut.

3) Rs 51 Instant Cashback

1) After receiving some amount from reference members user will go to Premium membership automatically.

1) After receiving some amount from reference members user will go to Premium membership automatically.

2) But After Completing the 6th mudra user can get his personal andriod app and activate it on 8th mudra to use the all services of his basic business application and when user complete 12th mudra, he will get his own current business application.

3) As well as on completeting 100 of directs user will get his own android app on play store.

1) When user’s 24 Mudra account gets created that time user’s Devdut account also created by default.

1) After successful registration of 24 Mudra account user will receive the Devdut account Customer ID and Password on his registered Mobile No. and Email ID.

1) Displays Devdut main wallet amount.

2) User can add amount from his bank account to Rajmudra wallet and use it for various transactions on Devdut.

3) Using Rajmudra wallet amount user can able to do shopping, Recharge, and Booking facility and all online transactions of Devdut.

1) Premium membership Cash back Wallet Displays the amount received from Premium membership members and this amount is used to enter in next facility.

1) In each step it is compulsory to hire two references.

2) If user not hires two references in his down line then amount received in each step from down line members goes to the hold Cash back wallet.

3) User can’t use hold Cash back amount.

4) When user hire two references and references get activated then Hold gift amount will be transferred to user main wallet.

1) Using mini Statement user can able to see his recent 10 transaction details and downloads it.

1) Using Detail Statement user can able to see his all transaction details and downloads it.

1) Order date is an account activation date.

1) My references

2) Displays the list of all your references.

3) My Retailer

4) Displays the list of all members registered below you and who sent the level completion amount to you in each step.